Bhalchandra D. Thatte

Departamento de Matemática
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Av. Antônio Carlos, 6627, Belo Horizonte
CEP: 31270-901, Brasil

Email: lastname at ufmg dot br
Telephone: (+55) (31) 3409 5789 (office)
Fax: (+55) (31) 3409 5692 (secretariat)
Cell: +55 31 975823864 (Belo Horizonte)

Para alunos da UFMG

Essa seção é principalmente voltada para os alunos da UFMG (alunos nas minhas turmas e alunos do programa de Pós-Graduação em matemática). This section is mainly useful to students in my class and post-graduate students in mathematics.

Research Interests

Graph Theory and Combinatorics:


Most of my papers are available in preprint form in the mathematics and q-bio sections of the arXiv. If you are interested in the ones not available on the arXiv, please send me a mail. Journal subscriptions may be required to access the URLs of the published versions of papers.

Publications in refereed journals

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Papers in refereed conference proceedings

  1. (with Rodrigo Caetano Rocha) Distributed cycle detection in large-scale sparse graphs. SBPO 2015 - Simpósio Brasileiro de Pesquisa Operacional, Pernambuco, Brazil. URL
  2. (with Mike Hendy) MANTRA - A Multiple Alignment and Tree Reconstruction Algorithm. Proceedings of the 15th Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (AWOCA), July 2004, 121-12.


  1. Can hybridisation networks be constructed from local information? (2007).